Tuesday, 18 May 2010

So much can be done with so little !

…South Sudan is one of the poorest places on earth. Refugees are returning after many years, building new huts made of mud and straw…We al know education is the single most important thing that will pull this people out of the misery of struggling for day to day subsistence. I went to see an education/gender project in one of these villages set up by returning refugees. The school is maintained by an NGO (BRAD) and is a 5x3 m ‘building’ made of mud with corrugated metal sheet for roof. 30 children sit on the ground, covered by a sheet…educational devices and support are a few sheets of papers with drawings… Each child stays in school for three years. There are no vacations, the school lasts for three hours early in the morning until the heat makes the space impossible. BRAD has as many schools as they can set-up depending on their resources and teachers they can recruit. The economics of this educational system are easy. Building rental is 100 USD/month. Teacher 120 to 200 USD/month. Books and copybooks free from UNICEF. It comes to about 8 USD/child/month. And they are happy!!

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