Thursday, 27 May 2010

African Party...

World Bank Office in Juba fires 30 people. Cleaners, maintainance mechanics, people that have worked for the office for the last two - three years. They are to be replaced by a company. For the bureaucrats in Washington it's easier to deal with one company than with 30 individuals, insurance, etc, etc.
The monthly 'fun and games' is to be also a send-off for these people: diplomas & awards, emotional send-off. They are all decent, reserved.
And then the music starts: African rhythms. The whole atmosphere changes: bodies move in a slow, highly sensual rythm, hips sway, feet beat the floor in rythm, smiles and semi closed eyes. The music is contagious it fills you up, it pushes you off the chair. And people are happy! Music and dance changes the mood...for me too: I leave off the business..I tear up the papers I had brought to discuss with the country manager, to his undissimulated pleasure: „Fuck the Work!” I dance...I sway in the rythm with a lithe sensual Dinka, who starting with tommorow will be an unemployed...doesn’t matter: Carpe diem!
Interesting follow-up: next morning, I come to work as the model bureaucrat, at 8.20, stiff shirt, tie, black shoes, glasses but now I don't fool anybody any longer: Big smiles or even laughter: Hey, Man! You can dance!

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