Thursday, 28 November 2013

EMAs headstone

I’ve fixed four planks into a frame. I mixed some sand with  a little water and cement. I mixed in a bit of sadness and a lot, a lot of memories: when I fell asleep in the rain with my head pillowed in her warm , welcoming fur; Ana sleeping between her paws; when hunting, as she was running away with the retrieve – why would she give it to me when she found it? And especially her warm, deep, wise, friendly look. I poured all of them in the cold concrete and these warmed it up and hardened it in the frame made of four boards. Then I added some seashells to make it happy , as she was happy! And we wrote in the still soft cement “Ema- my friend”. So that you all  know. Ana wrote so. We signed ourselves with our thumbs and Clara with her right paw. Now we see Ema every time we come out in the yard. I also planted a brush for her.

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