Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Security issues in Juba, Sudan

Dear friends,

I have just returned from Kabul in Afghanistan. Friends, colleagues ask me how dangerous is Kabul compared to Juba. Well, the email alert I just received I think explains it all. In Afghanistan, the Taliban, will choose a target and then shoot it or send a suicide bomber (although I understand they are getting to be a scarce resource). Here in Juba two Sudanese soldiers get into an argument and chose to decide who is right by employing their government issued Kalashnikovs. Their training being what it is, they chose as dueling ground the busiest market place in Juba, Jebel Market, (in the picture) and they kill four people and wound nine others but don't manage to shoot each other...Now I can explain the difference between security issues in Afghanistan and in Sudan...
"Hello All

Violence in Juba continues to escalate. All staff should exercise extreme caution.

02 October Four people (foreigners) were shot dead on spot and 9 others were critically injured at the JEBEL market, Juba at the afternoon hrs between 100 -200pm. The gunshots were between the 2 armed Sudanese military men engaged in a personal issue. The victims who perished in a bloody crossfire are confirmed to be 2 Ugandans and 2 Congolese citizens. The remaining casualties were Sudanese and Kenyans. The gunshot victims were transferred to Juba Teaching Hospital."

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